Rules for BRIDGE-IT:


  • The round is ‘Miniature Bridge Model Building’.
  • Each Team will be given 175 ice-cream Sticks. These should be used primarily in your bridge model.
  • The participants are allowed to use other items but it is advised to keep it minimal as overusing other items may disqualify your entry.
  • Participation will be awarded on First-come First-Serve basis.
  • Maximum amount of time per team is 3 hours.
  • The Fields in which the model will be checked are: Design (Architectural and Technical Basis), Originality, Span, Weight of bridge, Strength and Time taken.
  • The selected groups will be given a fixed amount of material (Ice-cream Sticks) and are expected to build any structure.
  • The participants can use other items but only to support the main framework of the material provided.
  • Its a group event of maximum members upto 4.
  • The participants can be undergraduate, post-graduate or Doctorate fellow.
  • The participants should hold a valid College Identity Card.