• Game Version: Need For Speed Most Wanted
  • The game has to be played only on keyboard. NO other controllers are npermitted.
  • Tournament Format: 4 Players play at a time. The first two players to complete the race will advance to the next round (no. of players who advance to the next round are subject to total number of registrations for the game).
  • Game Type: Circuit \ Sprint \ Speed Trap \Lap Knock-out (to be decided based on the stage of the tournament)
  • Winning a race:
  • Sprint/Circuit: Winner is the person who finishes the race first.
  • Speed Trap/Lap Knock Out: Winner is the person who finishes first or covers the most distance in case no one finishes the race.
  • At the end of each match, players must maintain the final screens and receive confirmation from the referee. Wining rules are subject to modification by organizing committee’s own discretion.

  • Car Settings:

  • All unlocked.
  • Personal save profile is NOT allowed.

  • Race Mode Options: Circuits\ Sprint \ Speed Trap \Lap Knockout

  • LAPS: At the discretion of organizing committee.
  • N20: ON
  • Units: Player’s own discretion.
  • Car Damage: Off
  • Rearview Mirror: Player’s own discretion